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Titolo:  Internship Manufacturing, Production Planning and Intercompany Flow

Codice ID della posizione:  19818
Paese:  Milano
Funzione:  Ricerca e Sviluppo
Tipo di Contratto:  Stage
Anni di esperienza:  senza esperienza

Company Profile
Established in 1872, Pirelli is among the world’s leading tyre producers. It is the only pure consumer tyre company that includes car, motorbike, and bicycle tyres as well as associated services.
Pirelli has a distinct positioning in high value tyres, characterised by an advanced technology with more than 2,700 homologations obtained, thanks to partnerships with the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world. In order to achieve the highest levels of performance, safety and containment of environmental impact, Pirelli has always been strongly committed to research and development, in which it invested 6.1% of revenue from high-value products in 2019.
Involved in motorsport since 1907, Pirelli has been the exclusive official tyre partner of the Formula 1™ World Championship since 2011 and has just renewed the agreement until 2023.


Internship Manufacturing, Production Planning and Intercompany Flow


The internship will be follow the development of the factory capacities, management of the main factory KPI’s (define action to improve) in collaboration with the Pirelli Factory’s. (Industrial Engineering and Planner’s)

Main activities:

• Flexible Factory as an answer for managing the complexity coming from automotive sector evolution (development and follow up of specific KPIs)

• Management of the factories capacities, development of methodologies in order to ensure future results in an environment of constant change (mix, complexity and technological footprint).

• Management of the factories intercompany flows.

For this position, the following is required:

* Office suite, advanced level. (Excel)
* Main industrial engineering knowledge
* English, professional knowledge. 
* Multitasking
* Problem solving (analytical skills) 
* Working dynamic environment
* Working under pressure 
* Improvement and innovation off the existing processes. 

*3th language is considered an additional good skill
Educational level:
•    Industrial Engineering / Production system (educational path, last year). 
•    Near graduated o graduated master student.  


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