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Titolo:  Internship - Junior Premium Product Technologist

Codice ID della posizione:  15526
Paese:  Milano
Funzione:  Ricerca e Sviluppo
Tipo di Contratto:  Stage
Anni di esperienza:  senza esperienza

Junior Premium Product technologist 


  • Product development
    • Comprehensive understanding of individual components & materials within the tyre construction, the cause and effect of each on handling, indoor integrity or other performance aspects.
    • Support in defining moulds profiles & tooling requirements.
    • Support in developing tyre specifications and follow through with local factory development teams for the manufacture of prototypes.
    • Interpretation of test results, ability to summarize synthetically and formulate an action plan.
    • Understanding of procedures, technical documentation and legal certification required for correct industrialization procedure of tyres.
    • Support and participate in benchmarking and analysis of competitors products and highlight interesting or innovative aspects of geometry/materials etc.
  • Product application
    • Team working within R&D, Quality, Logistics, OE to ensure correct and precise circulation of project information.
    • If necessary support in organizing outdoor test sessions to follow and understand the interaction between vehicle and tyres under various conditions (handling, comfort, NVH).
    • Project management & reporting skills.
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