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Denumire post:  Internship Manufacturing R&D Craiova 1

ID post:  17281
Locație:  Craiova
Domeniu:  Tehnologia Informației
Tip contract:  Stagiu
Experiență:  Fără experiență

The intern will provide support to Manufacturing, RD and Quality systems from Craiova. The resource will provide first level of support working in close collaboration with HQ team located in Milan Italy. The resource will be involved in troubleshooting, root cause determination, fix and tune, following data workflow across different systems implemented on commercial platforms and custom components. 
The aim is to develop progressively the service from a first level of support to a full Application Maintenance as the team will grow in number, skills and experience.


• Interact with HQ teams escalating problems as well as interacting pro-actively when needed 
• Understand/learn full stack of technologies from database to front-end: SQL (MS or Oracle), C#.net, Java, Js Angular and HTML5
• Understand/learn data workflow and integration
• Learn parametrization and configuration of existing systems in order to be able to deploy and tune the system following specific business requirements
• Ability to analyze business requirements and suggest solutions. Validate with HQ team solutions and best practices 
• Troubleshooting problem analyzing software logs and testing the full stack
• Possible platforms that will be on-scope: MES (Manufacturing Execution System), IIOT (Industrial IOT), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), QMS (Quality Managements System), LIMS (Labs Information Management System)


Education: Faculty of Computer Science, Computer Engineering.
Competences: Analysis and attention to detail, teamwork, skill, accuracy, perseverance, using specialized terminology, communication and problem solving skills 
Experience: Newly graduates of Faculty/Master; any experience in software development and database management is a plus
Others: English at a good level, Flexibility, Dynamic person


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